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    I am currently doing some research on the purchase of another vehicle.

    I have been full-time at my current company since May 2016, and was recently promoted to salary ($42,686).
    I took out a car loan through Lobel Financial May 2016 for a used 2010 Chevy Equinox. It was high interest, but I took it because I needed a vehicle at the time.
    The loan was for 36 months, payments of $343. Current payoff as of 07/2017 is $5,800.
    My DTI is about 38% at the moment, will lower once some credit cards are paid down.
    I have a Discover IT, BoA, Chase Freedom, Care Credit, and WalMart charge – total credit is $18,400 – utilization is at 33% (working on bringing it down)

    For more details Motion Graphics Video

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