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      everywhere i read about credit card addictions, it is always about being addicted to spending and maxing out. but i am addicted to credit cards too. but in a different way; that i am addicted to the cards themselves and what they can do; not how much i can hope to wrecklessly overspend.


      all i think about lately is my cards and how i*can eventually acuire bigger and better cards, lower interest rates and better limits. it is like i have a taste for this. an insatiable craving.


      but unlike anyone you typically hear about, its about collecting like a hobby. so the addiction is a hobby rather than a spending craving.


      people usually have a taste for other things, such as collecting coins or antiques. no i have an addiction to acquiring the PERFECT credit card profile. someday i want to have a profile of 250k with an average of 6% apr, at least 200k in cash advance limits. and maximum rewards(of course the finest no af cards) then again i think that is silly. but my cravings go on.


      but isn’t that kind of the main objective of this credit card forum anyway?

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