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      New to this forum.* Currently use two CCs…Amex True Rewards and American Airlines Citicard.* Don’t recall the Amex credit limit (have had the card for about 5 years).* AA Citicard I’ve had for 15-20 years with high credit limit, $35,000 I think, though I have no need for a limit that high….they just kept raising it over the years.* Charge about $800-$1,000/month on Amex for those items where we benefit by charging on that card.* On AA Citicard, charge about $1,000 month.* Pay off both cards in full every month, so don’t really care what the interest rate is.* Want to drop the AA Citicard and get a Cap 1 Venture card instead for the flexibility in using travel miles.* We’ll keep the Amex card.* Last time I knew (about 2 years ago), my FICO score was 795.* My question:* Should I drop the AA card first and then apply for Cap 1 card, or keep the AA card and then apply for Cap 1?* What are my chances for being approved by Cap 1?* Also, how will it affect my FICO score with the expected drop in credit limit on a new Cap 1 card, where I won’t have the $35,000 limit on AA anymore and will likely have a much, much lower credit limit on a new Cap One Venture card?* Thanks.

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