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    I finally raised my credit score to 640! Its been a long, long year but I manged to raise my score over 100 points. I do still have 3 or 4 things to pay off, but they are all older debt, I haven’t been late on my car payment or credit card payments in two years.* I’ve got a dispute out there hoping to get a few of the things dropped off to raise my score even more and I have a $5,000 down payment. I just want a house*roughly $100,000. *I’m hoping by Feb at the latest to be able to get a house.* So here’s my questions…


    1. Is there a chance I could get approved for a home loan even with a few non paid deliquent accounts on my report?

    2. My transunion score is 640, the other 2 are still in the mid 500’s, can they just go by one report or do they have to pull all three??

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