a $22,000 home loan requires what kind of credit score?

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      im lookin into buying a house for $22,000 . i can buy it on a land contract for $375 a month for a 20 year loan which is basically a rip off , but the guy said if i can get a loan within 8 months, that the $22,000 pay off is still on the table. i had a credit score of 630 last year but i was in the army then and paid all of my bills on time, i just paid off my truck, but my credit card payments are all late , i am late on all 3 of them about $450 all together , if i pay the 450 and get my credit back on track how fast will it reflect on my credit check? my score says like 539-740-509 on all the of them , it says very poor. it used to say very good. i also am trying to get a VA loan cause i am a veteran, if anyone knows what the perks are to having a VA loan are as apposed to a regular loan , and if i would have a better shot with a CO signer thankyou

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