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      …suggestions, precautions..? Ok I’m a first time home buyer and I’m also in the process of buying a brand new home from KB Homes in Lancaster,CA. The total cost for the home is $137,000 and I have been pre-aproved but I wasn’t told for how much the loanwould be. I was told that my total downpayment would be between $10,000 to $12,000 I have given my information and also just recently gave $3000 to start the process of the paperwork and etc I was also told that if I decide to stop the paper work or just cancel everything I would loose my $3000, but heres what I found “fishy” from them I wasn’t told about programs that they are for 1st time home buyers, loan options,.Now heres were I need help from you guys or tips, suggestions or precautions that I should know or do before signing the closing papers.

      1. Is there any possible way that I can bring a RE agent to help me with the closing papers and tell me whats right or not right for me?
      2. Do I have an option to shop for a Loan from another lender besides Countrywide?
      3. Has anyone purchase a home form them and had any bad or good experiences?

      Every response, tips, suggestions will be helpful..thankx

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      I’m afraid you’re prolly already “Stucco’ed” You shoulda brought the agent w/you on your first visit, they would’ve: 1. qualified for a commish and they could’ve protected YOUR interest not the interest of KB!! 2. offered you an FHA loan 3.5% dn pmt, $4800 instead of $10-12k.

      3.made sure your contract had “escape” clauses where you could get your $3k refunded if you dont like this that or the other thing!

      4. Steered you toward a slightly “used” home a helluva lot cheaper and prolly w/some improvements already in!!


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      KB Homes is one of the bottom 10% of the builders. I would NEVER buy a KB house.

      Junk. Google them and see all the problems and “fishy” stuff that happens.

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      I have listed a source at that has a free consumer list of credit card companies that issue credit cards to people with bad to no credit to help build your credit score.

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