Foreigners can obtain a mortgage and invest in real estate without a permanent resident of the United States?

I’m sure this is possible, but I want to make sure. Basically, a man whom I know are from another country and do not live in the U.S. and wants to buy the property, especially to rent the house and the other to manage the United States. She visitors against Visa USA, there is no other relationship with the United States at this time. Is this possible? In addition, if possible, what are the requirements for a person who wants a loan in such a situation, and nobody knows of any good lenders?
In May, I put the house by offering a short sale. I placed the offer from the bank to which it belongs. Then I asked for a loan that the lending bank (to be sure that I would be a good example of lean, if I were a bid) for my short sale offer is not accepted by the bank to which it belongs . This was my first offer and last, and I said forget it. I canceled all hiljem.Siis several days, a month ago, I saw fresh assessment fee ($ 400) transforms the loans returned to the appraiser before the sale of the bank has even been back to us. I had an estimate made in the house that my offer was rejected !?!?!?! I called the bank and they said they “assumed” it was a lot and did not know we were waiting to hear if thhat REGIONS offer has been agreed. Without my permission, they hindaja.Nüüd’m stuck with a bill $ 400? Is it wrong? What should I do? Who should be responsible? Does anyone know who I can complain. Is it even worth the trouble to do? Can anyone help me varem.Palun Ehard it happens, thanks

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