foreclosure question.. a challenging one. I am grateful to you for any ideas?

My house burned down, I have 2 mortgages, cannot pay the payments since the fire, do not intend to rebuild. The first mortgager has started foreclosure proceedings. THe actual cash value (acv) payment from the homeowner insurance co. will cover the first mortgage but only a small percent of the second. Will the second mortgage holder come after me for the additional amount if they get the house back as a short sale? I have a lien by the heating company also . Will they do the same? And can they sue and recover any money I get (none yet but coming) for my personal contents?????? I have NO other assets for them to get except an old trailer that will become my primary residence. My contents money will be my only asset (if you can even call it that, I lost all my furniture, possessions and clothing and medical equipment in the fire and I need that settlement money to replace my belongings. Would it be exempt from a judgement as it is a reimbursement for my losses?? I have asked my insurance company. They answer that they cannot get involved in any of my legal or mortgage issues. (Which I do understand).,., that their job is just to make a settlement on the damages, the rest is up to me. I do not have money for lawyers except to do a simple closing if I were lucky enough to sell the property, which I am trying to do , no luck yet. VERY grateful for any ideas or advice you may be able to give. You are such smart people on here.. Thanks.and thanks again. (I am a senior citizen and this has been very hard)

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