Foreclosure on an Investment Home in California?

I bought an investment house over 2 years before the bubble burst, but the neg am loan eats equity. It is located in California, is that my lender Hauptwohnsitz.Der does not change the loan terms so that it makes more sense in the 12 months we verdanken.Wenn more than market value, we decided to leave the lender is going to be a foreclosure or short sale the lender is entitled to take against my principal residence that is not part of the note or deed. We asked the lender to work with us, they are just back and it seems they prefer leasing activities, instead of mortgage activity. So in California they can go in your principal residence, in terms of investing at home in any way. Incidentally, they are different lenders.

Century 21 Today, Short Sale Seminar

After attending this event at Glen Oaks Country Golf, I decided to educate and short sale and foreclosure resources through the acquisition of the designation Certified SFR. href = “”

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