Foreclosure Help?

We called our mortgage company several times to help a payment plan or pattern loan but they said they could not help us. We then caught behind on our mortgage for 3 months. We had to send partial payments. We called our mortgage company to find out why they make our payment this month did not and they said they could not accept a partial payment because we are in Forclosure and there was nothing to do. We had to pay for electricity ($ 3,900) Two days later, we are called, the balance … (Ready to parents) to pay. We were told they would not accept it when we pay our $ 2000 paid in legal fees. We never received any mail telling us of foreclosure or a letter of counsel, until we find it all. Now we suddenly have $ 7,400 by the end of 30 days for legal fees, inspections, reviews, ect. Nobody will help. (Not even the Department of Veterans Affairs) We have the money to date. Should we contact a lawyer? Why fees are so high after only a week ago pending BY PHONE? We have Investors Mortgage Corp. (MIC) for GMAC loans guaranteed by VA)-I know it’s my fault I’m in this situation … We had financial difficulties, once we were late, we could not be on the payment history and we really want just stay in our house. Just need advice. Dank.Dies Ohio

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