Foreclosure Court Documents Question?

I got the court documents over the weekend – I am in New Jersey – and I have a question.
I am making up my name here. The defendants list says:
“Mary Smith; Mr. Mary Smith Husband of Mary Smith; and XYZ Credit Union”.
XYZ Credit union is the bank that holds a home equity loan against the house that is being foreclosed.
I purchased the house 9 years ago on my own. I lived in it until last year when I lost my job and moved out of state to get a job although it was at a huge pay cut – – after moving out I got married, so my husband never lived in the house or had anything to do with it.

I don’t understand why the 2nd mortgage bank or “Mr. Mary Smith” are named as defendants along with me on the court paperwork.

I don’t want to object to the foreclosure, but I am going to have a HUGE problem with my now-husband being dragged into this mess.
I depleted my 401k account trying to keep current on the house until I could find a buyer – which never happened. I have no savings, I make $ 24k per year less than I did when I bought the house. I live paycheck to paycheck now.
I thought that just letting the house go to foreclosure would let me get a fresh start.
I will be calling lawyers today, but I wanted to ask others for some help or advice.
Thank you,
The house is not in a community property state and I do not currently live in a community property state.

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