For sale for a long period after the first two loans, a mortgage is already approved?

Recently called the offer of a house that is for sale and sold for 7 months now. There are a total of three bids, my bid is the highest. We recently talked about the first mortgage lender has already accepted a payment of short selling, and make it but we are still awaiting news of a second mortgage lender? Does anyone know how long it will normally take and what the process is coming close? Thank you for any info. you can give! Thank you for all the answers! Replies I hear is what I fear. I asked the same question, which amounts to two loans, lenders are and what they have, but I can not answer. All I get a total of two loans of $ 199,000. It is in our offer is $ 175,000 and $ 170,000. It is a beautiful house and we are looking for more than 20 other houses, but none compare to what we want. Just hoping to go through us! Any suggestions to move the process forward?
Is it risky to take a mortgage is doc?

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