For sale by owner??? good idea or bad idea?

The house we are currently looking at is for sale by owner. Right now there is no one living in the house. It looks like the grass has been cut. But its was just to make it look like some one lives there it wasn’t weed waked or anything like that. No shades on the windows Is it a good idea to think about this or not?
A girl at work told me there is 4 ways to look at a house for sale by owner. Its either a death in the family and kids are trying to sell it with out extra cost. Some thing is wrong with it and they are trying to get rid of it to some one stupid. The people bought another house and truly don’t have the money for a realtor. Or 4 we are just damn lucky….
Did you have good or bad luck with home for sale by owner?
I do not know the story on this house just yet. I’m going do another drive by today and get both phone numbers and go from there. We have driven past a few times. Its right beside a country club. 2 roads off a main high way. small lot but I’m not sure if it goes back father then is cleared. Small deck of the back. 2 basement garage stalls. Its a ranch style house.
I’m scare we are going to dish out the money for this and get screwed. Its almost like the realtors money is worth the piece of mind.
We have never bought a house ever. We have rented now for 2 and half years.

I heard the last asking price on this house was $ 119,000. A friend of ours told use about the house. That sign is down now. But there is a for sale by owner sign still up.

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