Flooded in a rented apartment, everything ruined.?

My sister called this morning very upset because her apartment has flooded. She lives with her partner in a very nice apartment in the city on the 34th floor. By no means is this a cheap place to rent.
This morning she hopped out of bed and stepped into ankle deep water, her apartment is all on the same level so every room was flooded with about 8cms of water. She is lucky that she didn’t have electrical cords on the floor or she would have been electrocuted. Her lounges are ruined, the wooden furniture is water logged and all the gifts she has bought for Christmas were on the floor under the Christmas tree. The body corporate temporarily moved them into another vacant apartment in the complex but there is no furniture and her toiletries and clothes are in her flooded apartment.
My sister is renting and has no contents insurance unfortunately.
She said that she overheard the manager speaking to a plumber and apparently there is some kind of fault behind the washing machine and this is the 3rd time this has happened, the apartment would not be more than 10 years old.
Is there anything she can do? Can she sue the owners or body corporate?

This happened in QLD, Australia.
oops. Sorry, I meant 4th floor.

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