First Time Home buyer?

I am a first time home buyer and just have a couple questions.

A little information about myself is that I am 22, and a senior in college(graduate Fall 2009). I am a server making $ 30,000 a year, but that will surely change once I am out of school and have more time to work. I currently have $ 3,000 in credit card debt, but will probably pay that off this summer. My credit history is good since I have never had a discrepancy or late payment in my life.
I also have a girlfriend/fiance who is looking to co-sign with me. She is a junior in college and has no debt/makes $ 15,000 a year currently. My parents are also willing to co-sign and have excellent credit. Problem for me is that I have little money for a down payment.

Given the current financial climate do you believe it will be difficult for us to get a loan? I know this is a question more suited to a mortgage broker, but I am just beginning my quest into buying a house and just wanted a little feedback as well as some advice for a potential home buyer.

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