first time home buyer loan for remodel?

I’m looking in the Atlanta area for modern homes but they’re all out of my price point. I can afford up to $ 150,000. I’ve seen that hidden potential show on hgtv and wanted to know if that was a possibility for me. To take an inexpensive home with good bones and remodel it. For example I found a nice intown place for sale for about $ 45,000 (bank-owned). Now could I get a mortgage loan that would cover upgrades to the place? For say about $ 60,000 I think I could make it a great home.

Do those first time home buyers/ low income mortgages cover things like this? Or would I have to look at other options?
Yes, I want to stay within the perimeter. And the reason I’m even considering a remodel is because I want a home with a modern aesthetic and green amenities. I can’t stand the cookie cutter traditionals with their granite countertops and moulding all over the place that are so popular here.

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