First time home buyer credit denied after already receiving funds.? Tax return filed by agent.?

Yesterday (7/25/11), I received a letter from the IRS that the claim is being denied because the purchase date of my new house was before April 9, 2008.

My tax return was filed by a certified person who doe’s this for living. She had told me about the $ 7500 credit with no interest, since i could not qualify for $ 8000 credit, because i bought my home before that came into the effect.

I did not do any research on my own just went with what she had told me. I know that i probably should have, but now it’s too late.

Can she be held responsible for any of this? Can that help my appeal? Or would this be considered my fault?

Thank you for help in advance!
Anyone know when is this repayment due? I did not yet get details about that.
I applied and received $ 7500 credit with no interest. And yes i have paid $ 500 of it back with 2010 tax return.

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