First time buyer help please!!!!?

me and my partner are desperately looking for options to help us get a mortgage, we are looking at a new build house which means we only would need a 5% deposit and the government and builder lens you up to £40,000 to make up the deposit however the problem we have is securing the rest of the mortgage from.a bank. They say they will only lend 4x my partners earnings which wouldnt amount to much as they only go on the basic earned wage which is about £18,000 even though he earns nearly double tgat due to bonuses etc however they will not take that into account! we could easily afford repayments its hard to get on the first step. is there any other way to gwt a mortgage apart from from a bank like a company or private lending firm? any help uk people pleasssee
Thank you for all your help but i think we have done it! waiting until monday to hear but broker is 99% sure we will be approved 🙂 so happy, my grandparents chipped in a large amount so we could do it god bless them but at least now a bank will lend to us! a whole new life for our little family and a foot on the property ladder before im even 21 weyhey! thanks again 🙂

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