Finding out who I am in debt to in order to fix my credit?

So, a while back, money was tight and there were a couple credit cards I just stopped making payments on (not smart, I know, but that’s not why I’m here). I’m doing a lot better financially and have paid off I believe most of them, but honestly, I don’t even remember which I owed money to — and I don’t get monthly statements because they’ve been forwarded to collectors. Is there a way to find out who I owe money to — will a credit check tell me that? Periodically I get a statement from a collector, but now that I’ve got the money I’m anxious to be completely paid off, and I don’t want to just sit around waiting for a collector to call me. Thanks!
Also: I know fixing my credit is the long-term answer to this problem, which I am doing now. But we need to rent a place in the next couple of months, and I don’t think my credit score will signifcantly improve in that time… Thanks!
Uh… disregard that detail. It belongs with a different question.

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