find a mortgage co to prequailify?

We would like to prequailify for a mortgage loan so we know how mucxh or even if we can buy a home in North Platte, Ne.69101

have questions regarding FHA loans that can hopefully be answered ?

1) Are there income requirements ?
2)is there a maximum income?
(If you make 90,000 to 100,00 and the home is 429,0000)
3)Is there a minimum income
4)What other requirements are there ?
5)Is there a mortgage limit ?
6)What other types of fees are there for fha loans ?
7) If you have a good or excellent credit score can you still get a fha loan ?
8) if you have owned a home for more than 10 to 15 years ?
9) You own a second home that you rent out will that also be taken into consideration ?
10) All houses are eligible for FHA Loans ?

I am sorry if any of my questions seem to ne repeated
Thanks Bob

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