Financial advice?

We have recently bought our 1st house, which we managed to get a mortgage for by accident (a mistake on the advisors part) an accident that I am truly grateful for! I love my home & after moving 3 times in 1 year…uprooting my kids, I don’t ever want to move again. However, we have had fanacial difficulties and both me & my partner have bad credit history from before we met that we have never been able to recover from. We managed to get a small secure loan after we moved which we used to put in a Kitchen & bathroom (the property was very run down when we bought it) we are now struggling to keep our heads above water and are behind on many payments to creditors & stupidly got a couple of payday loans that take up all my partners monthly pay so we have to repeat the loan each month to pay the mortgage. We have tried to increase the secured loan unsuccessfully as we only have 8 months mortg history and bad credit. I don’t want to sell the house & start over so I’d love any suggestions ?

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