Finacial question about Mortgage?

My buddy gave me a number to a Financial Assessor. He said they are able to negotiate with my home Mortgage bank to see if they could lower my payment. He also said that I wouldn’t have to pay anything up to 6mo. or until they do some kind of loan modification are able to come to some agreement, what they will do is put the interest that I didn’t pay and put to back of loan. What I need to know is if there is a such program out their? If their is it would be well worth doing considering I am already behind one payment, that way I am able to put money away and just start off fresh at the end of all this. I would like some advise from those who know about this. Oh! it will cost me $ 1600.00 to do but still worth it. I pay $ 1200.00mo. That would mean I could get my family some of the stuff they want for Christmas!

Thanks !

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