File a title insurance claim in Missouri or serve notice that I have a financial interest in a property?

I divorced on 2000 after 19 years of marriage. We agreed to co-own property, rather them him pay me anything ( I was on deed and mortgage until 2004) when he recorded our divorce papers saying he got property and some mortgage company let him re fi. Here is the glitch. I never signed a quit claim, and divorce papers read: that if property is ever sold, after mortgage and expenses I get my half of the equity, or if he defaults on mortgage I have right to cure loan and property gets conveyed to me. The property is for sale, and his health is very bad. New wife has told kids if it doesn’t sell shortly that she is going to let it go back.
I have already talked to a real estate attorney but he is slow giving me answers and amount needed to do something. Does anyone know how I can file a claim against title company since this doesn’t have a clean title and I have a financial interest in it? Or how I can serve realtor, and local title companies ( very small town with two title comapnies) some kind of notice that if it does sell, they owe me a check, or if he defaults I have right to step in?
I am running out of time, as his health is critical
He recorded excerpt of divorce papers with the deed to house and was allowed to refi without me signing a quit claim. He tried to get me to sign a quit claim but refused to pay me my half of equity. I refused to sign quit claim in 2004, he filed this, and got refi done without me. I have already paid for a title search which is how I found out what he had done .
“JUDGMENTS: Circuit Court of Ozark County, Missouri Case No. CV##### Divorce
Agreement between ##### and ###### received the real estate in Ozark County, Missouri on the Separation Agreement, No Quit Claim Deed from “me to “him” has
ever been filed. According the the property settlement, the property shall become the
property of the husband; however, should the property be sold by the husband, then the
wife shall be entitled to 1/2 of the equity after payment of mortgage and expenses.”

As far as someone suggesting I go to my divorce attorney, we used same attorney

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