FICO Scores are they a scam?

When I pull all 3 scores from Trans Union Official Site I get 3 sets of scores The I pull from Equifax Official Site I get all 3 score, Also from My FICO I get all 3 score and my bank offers all 3 scores. Why when I pull all these score from these different place I get all different numbers Trans Union is way higher then Equifax My FICO is lower than Tans Union but higher than Equifax, and My bank is Higher than My FICO but lower than Trans Union??? How can people monitor their scores if there seems to be no constant. I am going through a bank loan and they also have a different set of scores for me.. I feel the algorithm is flawed why is it that if you have your credit pulled for almost any reason by a lender, landlord, collector, credit card, etc… just for applying it stays on your report for 2years as a Neg item lowers your score up to 10point for each item..

Funny fact there was no credit score when your parents bought a House even in the 80’s and how was our economy back then?
I understand that all 3 Scores will be different I knew that, what I want to know is why when I get ALL 3 Scores form all 3 Creditors such as Trans Union, why do all 3 creditors have all 3 scores different from each other creditor so my Trans Union score is different from Trans Union’s web site then my Trans Union Score on Equifax’s website?

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