FHA Vs. RD mortgage loans?

Hey, how goes it. I recently applied for preapproval for a loan for a mortgage and was given the advice to not take anything except FHA. This will be my first home as well. They had a checkbox for FHA, but when I went in they said they didn’t do FHA loans, but rather Rural Development. What’s the difference between the two and which would be more prefferred for someone who has zero experience in these matters? Also, they had me at a 6% interest rate, what can I do to lower this to somewhere around 5%, which has been the average in Colorado for a couple months now. Thanks for any advice as this is a purposely confusing world I’m stepping into.
Thank you very much GVD, I was thinking maybe my credit wasn’t up to par, but I figured something fishy was going on. Time to fill out more apps.

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