FHA loans vs loan agreement: the higher mortgage insurance and closing costs?

I heard different stories in different individuals. Some said FHA loans you must pay mortgage insurance, lending, but the agreement that you do not have to pay the mortgage insurance, FHA closing price and the cost is higher than the loan agreement. Some said loan agreement if your downpayment is less than 20%, you still must pay mortgage insurance. What is the truth?
I close my good faith estimate made and my costs seem a little high. Here Abbau.Kaufpreis 220kDarlehen in the amount of total costs are 209kClosing 11.200.etwa 2000 of them is entitled GebührenPre-paids are 2000Der rest of 7000 for the costs of processing the loans Fannie Mae 1.5% I community mortgage, Fannie Mae is 1% of adverse market conditions 0.25% of fees These fees are there 5700.Bin I already charged twice the cost of mortgage processing &? or is this correct? Plug in style with these guys. Im always a special game 30 years at 4% to 95% of the loan and the remaining 5% to 3% for 30 years deferred fixed. Nobody else is ready.

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