FHA loan PreApproved with Nehemiah DPA?

I have prequalified and am preapproved for an FHA loan. But I’m not sure I should continue working with the Real Estate Agent that originally sent our name to the mortgage broker.
A couple things she said made me feel like she is not current on the Nehemiah process and seems to consider the program as a knock on our search. She is making it seem like we are not going to be able to negotiate. We haven’t even met her in person, we are supposed to meet to look at two houses tomorrow. Should we look for a different agent. I am in Seattle and am looking on the low end for pricing, but it is a buyers market in Seattle right now also. Any advice or good agents to use that are familiar with the first time home buyer using Nehemiah would greatly appreciated.
OK nothing has been signed with the agent. I will give her the chance tomorrow to prove to us that she does have our best interests at heart also. Since she did the work, but I will not sign something with her tomorrow if I feel that she may not represent our best interests. NDPA is only a gifting program, as far as I have understood it. The seller does put up the money for the 3% down, but it gets added right back into the loan so their only cost is the $ 500 fee unless I’m missing something…
Now I don’t know what to do. I met with her and my husband likes her, but I don’t. She has said we shouldn’t look at short sales, should offer the price if we are asking for NDPA, and she was kinda crude and offensive, (talked about things inappropriate) How do I get my husband to look at someone else.

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