FEMA Flood Zone Insurance!?

We just had the Fema maps drawn up last year and my street is in a flood plain area. However I am the only one that is directly in the Flood Plain Zone by only a few feet from a bird eye view. I have contacted my town and fema and it looks like I have to a get a surveyor to get an elevation plan done. (to complete my LOMA). Sad fact is I don’t think I am going to be above (which would get me out of paying ins.) the established Base Flood Elevation which a nearby neighbor just had done for her property! I am wondering what my next step is going to be to try and convince FEMA (to lower the FBE) and my mortgage company that we are not in a flood zone! This area has never flooded for the last 100 plus years!
Forgot to mention I live on a lake and that there is a newly built dam with a natural flood overflow spill on top! They show the old one in the flood maps but due to the fact they did not incorporate the newer design and it also has a manual gate that I know they will not consider into the scheme. But they should consider the natural overspill! I was told I need to contact a higher up engineer at FEMA not the folks answering phones. They are giving me the runaround.

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