feeling underemployed?

So in spring of ’09 i got laid off. I had a good job (had recently been promoted actually) and had been there almost 6 years. Soon after that i got a masters, but it took me a while to find a decent job. So now I’m working at a great company (same one as before, but completely different sector) but i still feel very underemployed. I’m making less than i was before, and i feel like am basically a secretary. I know things could be worse…but this isnt where i thoght i’d be. I recently had 4 job interviews for another position that i didnt get. I feel like i’m in a hole that i cant get out of. Will people look at what i’m doing now? (been here a year) or will they also take into consideration what i was doing at my job before this which was substantially more. I have 2 phone interviews lined up…but i’m beginning to feel like i’ll never get out of what i’m doing now. There’s no room for growth at my current job.

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