Fannie Mae sinks called my condo by failures in the neighborhood.Lending Bank, now what?

I am under contract for the purchase of a foreclosure for about 6 months now. Today (25/09/2009) was the day I left me, but I find 1 hour before settling time that Fannie Mae has dropped to my apartment, according to my bank ( SunTrust). After communicating with Fannie Mae, Fannie said SunTrust Investment afraid of me in that capacity, I’m going to buy because the owner in the district are not their mortgage and there are reported failures in the region. Somehow, these failures have an impact on my ability to adapt to this house begleichen.Ich separately called Fannie Mae directly by phone and one of its Tier 1 representative told me that she is I want to buy back the property (ie they are ready, the money invested), but they think too risky for me because they think that “without reservation” that Käufer.Aber all very contradictory, because my loan with SunTrust and its insurer has been approved. In fact, my credit score 700 +. Level 1 fannie representative said that the reason does not know why they think I am not qualified and the only way to know is like me talking to Fannie Level 2 representatives to get in touch with me in one week because they are super-busy Leute.So, now SunTrust made in the process of appealing the decision taken recently by Fannie Mae. Is anyone familiar with Fannie appeal? Does anyone have suggestions for what should I do? legal advice? All / any help from anyone out there is very appreciated (brokers, lenders, suppliers, etc.) .. Incidentally, the property of Howard County, Maryland

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