Family vacation to question it?

It’s long and I apologize, but I’m in a situation that made me literally burnt out. ” I do not know how to fix it. I’ll try to stick to the facts and I know it sounds bad, so I need an impartial perspective. I am an adult with a mother of 70 years, six brothers and sisters, and a very dysfunctional family. My father died workhorse back in the early 1980s. He left my mother and 7 children, with nearly $ 500,000.00 in insurance money at the time. We, the older children (at the insistence of my mother) was signed on our rights with the product, saying it would be my mother and her 3 children 17, 13, & 12 position to pay his house and money to live without worry. This has certainly been a big mistake on our behalve. Although each and every one of my brothers and sisters had to borrow and repay loans of varying amounts of my mother in the early years, my mother is largely wasted, they did not land disbursement of the house and with She auctioned later, with their 2 acres of years, does not work as they and their 3 children (now adults) would be a monthly mortgage payment of $ 150.00. I never received a penny of it, and never asked for anything. I have worked and fought on their own. My mother lives in a house of engine, than to buy it and moved on the ground that I have of my father (father’s mother) grandmother inherited. My mother hated my grandmother and moved to their disciples, when my grandmother was in a nursing home and our protests. They burned my grandmothers old house and how the followers. Another long story, but it did and their children, we do not stop. My mistake # 2 Because my grandmother told me the 15 hectares of land, even if my mother has her supporters, but there were bitter feelings were. But because she had just left me, I was able to hang on to improve and have willingly allowed any access to it (for now). My mother has his supporters on one side of the gravel road and I have my barn and fields just across the other side. You can not just go to the barn without going to the farm (also known as scrap). She lives rent-free. I always paid taxes on it, before my grandmother died. My mother, who has an abusive alcoholic most of his life and without much detail, was a mother who was very miserable life of his children in hell now and always and we’re all adults. Yes, I know this sounds like sour grapes to me ungrateful, but believe me, life has been growing very, very wrong in their household, especially for their daughters. Her daughters were just good, they use their “slaves” to it. Fortunately, my grandmother lived just down the street and give me love and comfort when things worse. For some reason I do not understand, even after years of biting my mother’s sister against the other, always trying to discord and conflict within the family led us, I felt the few unfounded obligation to try to help the financially, physically and emotionally when they need it. Unfortunately, hope they change some day. And each time, even after the crisis induced is complete, he sent me to slander me to my family, at least until the next time they needed me, or my money, I should say. But I digress ab.Das problem I encounter is: The last issue is that after any funding they wore on a very tight budget situation for me two months, and by default, adults 40 years old my brother alcoholic patient who is able and / or keep a job, I said enough! After doing this all their social security was to go out on alcohol and CIGS and do not pay their monthly obligations, such as utilities, telephone, water, etc., I put the foot down and told his sick brother had to do. She said no, it was his house and I had no right to tell him what you do. I tried to explain that he was and had been draining its resources and all that I support further. That he was not ready for employment and mow the grass to the knees, then he had to go. She resisted, discussed and said he was not leaving. I told him I lived in the country they belonged to a rent-free, I have the right to say who had lived on that. She called me some very vile names and said she would get a lawyer and sue me. For what I do not know, but whatever. I left after its list of mobile home movers that I had been looking in the phone book and did not speak with her, since (2 months now). This is not a new issue, we regularly (an older brother and I) had thrown a brother at their request over the years if they use, but their usefulness or she had become violent. It was never pretty and it’s just as disgusting. I was very cool and decided to let everything go and things until I hear talk like them and my younger siblings (all adults), I have to everyone who will listen with lies, exaggerations and inventions actually started. We live in a small town and everybody knows everybody. night fights, and you broke up a lifetime of bad checks, the store owner asked us to look because they know we have a past before the courts of beer cans and hungry animals roaming planted, trash is just an example of what we are talking about. The brother and out of jail for drunk driving as they do not bother to pick it up more. I think it may be a thief, because people always mysterious “give” it matters more. He destroyed everything he touched. Another brother, very similar behavior has also traveled in and out of the picture as well. It is even more dangerous. Now they have young son who visit regularly and behave differently as well. I guess they are the ones causing the vandalism. They were allowed to leave school at 14 years and have no work. The school was happy to see their departure. I swear it’s like in the movie “Deliverance”! Nevertheless, I told my husband that I willing to let my mother stay until she dies, I’m not everybody. But what I really want is to finally be paid to each of them and gave my life to live in peace once werden.Diese people did nothing, but my life miserable. And if not for the fact that I have horses on the property, I’d say screw-live as you want! and just walk away. But I see it every day. I live a few miles away. Each day, the grass is high, the court is even worse, scrap and waste is thicker. Mosquitoes and flies even worse. I will not spend another summer mowing grass and picking up the damage they create because of their laziness! Not only am I physically capable of doing more, and I am not asking my husband, 7 days per week of work to do. Emotionally, I’m exhausted. My brother was only an aid to deal with what he told me to wash his hands of it and not “my back” in the treatment of this. Legally, I am responsible for the property. And no, I will not give them everything. My GM, it helped me. That’s the only thing I care about this family, and she and my grandfather falling in their graves if I did. They were well respected people in our church family and my husband. I tried to live a good life and moral way. I helped each family member over the years on numerous occasions and yet they want to slander me. I’ve never been what I did for them, or what I give them to them or someone else can speak. I never asked anything from them in return but respect. Respect yourself and those around them. I do not understand. It seems the more I did it to help them, the more I verachten.Aber the problem they have today to move money and refuse to go at all. I have no money to move and put it elsewhere. And because they are bad, they did things to my barn and around him. I fear that the next thing will be to hurt my daughter’s horses. Some very sick and clear messages for me to leave in the form of some very sick pervert. Nothing can prove what I am, but I know he did. Nothing was ever done, and suddenly, with increasing frequency, vandalism is widespread. The damage and desecration to make good for the heart disgusting. I had planned at some point, maybe build a house on this property when we retired. But I fear the damage may recover from generations. All the tanks are not maintained, the bubbles in the courtyard to the introduction of oils, paints and other chemicals called with disregard for the environment has taken its toll. Instead of being abandoned by my brother, he tramp moved with them and they all live together in a small, two bedrooms, a single-wide trailer to check my mother’s Social Security. With my other brother come at regular intervals and takes in his young son as well. It is so crazy! What should I do? What is the proper way around this problem? You’ll never see any reasonable argument in my Sicht.Vielen Thanks for your answers. An answer to this mess is that unfortunately I registered letters to my mother and brother now live with her deadbeat informing them whether the brothers and their demon seed and allow you to stay away and mother and prevent them from visiting my property transferred, or in addition it also has a flat income based or they need to convince their supporters, and I wash my hands all all (that I prefer) . But a warped sense of obligation to try to help her 1 last still remains. Sick is not it. But I contacted a lawyer and this is the first step of the expulsion of offending parties. God is so pathetic. My life is shit ….:<

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