Family property investment???

All takers welcomed on this one – My mother owns her home in South Mass. and it is worth about 300K (roughly). She owes about 60K on her existing loan. She plans on leaving it to my brother and I in the future but is having some problems making the payments now. Here is my question: How can my brother and I best serve her (and ourselves) finiacially in this situation? The three of us have talked about having my brother and I purchase the home from her on a 30 year loan, title it in our names (the brothers) and then make the payments for her. She would live in the home without a payment and we, the boys , would be making payments on a property that we own and would eventually sell. I am unsure of how we would generate a mortgage loan based on the fact that my mother wants to sell us the home for 0 and we (the brothers) want to minimize our monthly costs while allowing mom to live without a payment. Thanks in advance!!

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