Extremely stressed out about student loan repayment…?

I am just about to earn my bachelor’s degree, and I have almost $ 100,000 in student loan debt. I took out student loans to pay for living expenses in addition to school. Now, I’m getting ready to enter graduate school, where I will undoubtedly incur even more debt…probably another 100K since it will be anywhere from 4-6 years and I will be paying out of state tuition.

By the time I’m done, I’ll have around 200k of student loan debt….and I am seriously stressing. I’m going to get my PsyD in clinical psychology, so if I can find a decent job after school I might be okay….but I looked at a loan calculator online and it said that my monthly payments are going to be around $ 1600/mo. with that much debt…and that’s with a 30 year repayment plan!!

The national average for the salary for a clinical psychologist is about $ 75,000, and I will most likely be paid less than that just starting out. I figure if I can get a job that pays $ 50,000/year I will only be taking in about $ 3200/mo after taxes and health insurance….and the monthly payment for the student loans is HALF of that! I don’t see how I am going to be able to make it….

I really want to get this education so that I can be successful and have a satisfying career, but this is insane! I am a broke college student working in a call center, so I barely have enough money to pay my rent and bills, let alone save for college. Loans are the only way I can pay for school

What can I do???
How would you suggest I be more realistic?
How would you suggest I be more realistic?

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