Even during this rough time in my life, I want to know how to….?

clean my credit.

Well, I guess I won’t be able to “clean” my credit because negative items on my credit will always be there. Basically, I need some tips on how to raise my credit score……Obviously, the BEST thing to do would be to pay things on time, but I don’t have the required income needed to enable me to pay on time. I have been to several credit counselors and they commented on the fact that we have cut ALL of our expenses down to the bare minimum……… we weren’t able to even do school shopping this year…we only replace things if they’re totally unusable and their ONLY SUGGESTION they could offer was more income….UGH!! I’m frustrated.

So, what are some tips that will help me when I do have more income? And any suggestions for steps to take in the meantime.

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