Estimate inquiry of mortgage loan, some of the answers said without thinking and not true?

I had a phone conversation with a mortage specialist and she ask me if my spouse has other income. I accidently said yes he does, it’s side job and he get paid in cash. Which is not true. I thought my husband was working side jobs but he was just working overtime on Saturday’s morning or sometimes he would go car racing because he’s obsess and I would think he’s working. He wasn’t there for me to ask him on the day the mortgage specialist was questioning me. I’m afraid that she recorded my conversation and might report my husband for false accusation because of my misunderstanding. I’m scared now. I’m just scared. We are first time homebuyers just wanting to apply for a loan. Could this lead to turmoil or trouble?

I got preapproved before (but didn’t buy a house) and when I went to the same bank, they said they had new regulations (didn’t meet with a mortgage specialist yet.)

What kind of regulations are banks using now to qualify people for mortgages?

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