During Escrow, the inspector revealed possible asbestos fiber in attic, can I ask seller(bank) to fix it?

I’m in the process of purchasing a house. Last week, my house inspector found that there is a broken transite pipe in the attic. He suspected that there might be asbestos filber explosure.

I contacted some asbestos specialists and they took some air samples yesterday. As per discussed with them, should there be any asbestos explosures in the house, the costs of asbestos removal and clean-up will likely be up to $ 1500.

Nevertheless, the tricky part is, in the seller addendum, the bank states that the house is a bank-owned property and it will be sold “AS IS”. Which means the bank will neither decrease the selling price nor give buyer credit for repairs of any kind.

My quesstion here is:
The asbestos is not a “Repair” issue, it’s more of a “Health Hazard” issue. Will the seller(bank) be responsible for $ 1500 Asbestos removal expenses?
Or, do I , as a buyer, have to suck it up and pay that expense?

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