Dollar homes sales for HUD ?

What are the applications I need for the $ 1 dollar homes?
(HUD) I am so confused! They don’t explain very well what we need to do to apply!
I was thinking of just going to the local HUD place, and speaking with them about what I need, and the best way to apply.
Would this be a good or bad idea?
I really do NOT want to look UN-professional, but I am totally confused!
I am 20, and my BF is 21. I am doing all of the research and writing, but it would be under his name. Should I write WE or I (being him) in the application where it asks who the purchaser is?
Lastly since we are so young would it be a good idea to go in there by our selves or ask someone older to come with us? In my experience people seem to take people MUCH more seriously when there is someone MUCH older present, but since it is only for people from a low to middle income house hold would it just look UN-professional?
I hope this was not confusing! I really do need help! I have been at it for days now, and they say I need this form (9548) but there are like 5 of them, and then on the forms it says a broker needs to fill them out, so why would we hand them in if we don’t even sign them?
Then we need some form (007-07) except for the form doesn’t exist?
PLEASE! ANYONE with any information please help!
OH! by the way I’m a girl, just on his yahoo ‘caz he doesn’t care.

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