Does the quality or rank of credit cards help your score more? Are AmEx great cards for improving score?

Will the quality or rank, or how prestigious your card is, impact your overall credit score at all any more so than lower-quality cards?

If you are blessed to have a Black Amex,

or if you even have a Platinum or Gold Card, over a basic card,

will these offer you any more benefits or credit score impact than any others?

I have a basic green amex, and I downgraded to it from a Gold/Platinum because I didn’t think paying the yearly fees was acceptable.

What is so great about having an Amex?

Is it worth it?

Do the benefits outweigh the fees? etc?
If you establish a decent credit history with certain cards like AmEx for example, will they give you more benefits or increase your chances of obtaining another card through them?

Okay that sounds good. Also, why do certain stores like Neiman Marcus ONLY take amex?

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