Does removing an old closed account from your credit report help your FICO score or hurt your FICO score?

I have a credit card acct that has been on my report since 1996. I disputed this item today because it has been closed since 1998. I figured I might get lucky and get it removed since I thought it was a derogatory listing on my credit report. I realiz now that it’s the oldest accout that I have on my credit report even though it was a transferred/closed acct. To top it all off it was actually listed in the “acct’s in good standing” area and not in the “derogatory acct’s” section even though it was a transferred and closed acct.. I wonder if perhaps it was in the good standing section because of how old it was? I just want my score to improve.. I hope I didn’t make it worse..Do you think it will make my Experian score worse or better? My other acct’s are more recent.. oldest is 2002.

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