Does doing a balance transfer hurt your credit?

I had a credit card that had a 1000 dollar balance on it and i was recently approved for another credit card that gave me 0% apr for the first six months and then it goes to 6.9% after that and i was able to do the balance transfer to the card. She said that the credit limit is big enough that i can do another balance transfer from another card if i wanted. I currently have about 500 dollars on another credit card that has a 17.9% apr and i was wanting to transfer that balance over to the other card also. Does it negatively affect your credit score if you do balance transfers? I probably won’t be able to pay off the entire debt within the next 6 months but even the apr after is significantly lower than what i have now. I did request from the other card a lower apr but if i am denied, would it be wise to do a balance transfer? Thanks

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