Does cosigning on a mortgage work the same way as cosigning on a car loan?

Okay, so on an auto loan whoever is listed as the primary is whose credit score they use. Does it work the same way on a mortgage? If the person with a much higher credit score signs first does the lender go by their score to calculate our interest rate? Or with mortgages do they take both of our credit scores to calculate a rate?

(If you didn’t know that the first name listed on a car loan is whose credit they use, please don’t respond, thanks!)
Maybe I didn’t explain my question that well. I’m not talking about if I need a cosigner. I -KNOW- that if you have two people signing for a car loan they use whoever signed as the primary for the credit score. (For example, if the person with the lower score signed first.. the loan is based on their score.)

I just wanted to know if this is the same with a mortgage loan. If you are guessing and don’t know the answer as a FACT, please don’t answer.

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