Does breaking a lease effect credit score?

I moved into this apartment in June. It is infested with roaches to the point that I don’t even care about my security deposit. I know I didn’t bring them with me b/c I used to live in a brand new dorm that had no roaches and after I moved in, wish I had known/seen during open house, I saw roach droppings all over the kitchen. Management doesn’t do anything but hand me a cheap bottle of spray that I can get from Lowe’s,bait, and tells me to put off bombs which the roaches are more than likely immune to. Today I saw a roach even crawling on my bed, and let me reiterate, TODAY, not during the night when they are supposed to come out. In the past 15 minutes, I have killed 15 roaches.Other tenants even say they have roaches bad. But my question is, if I break my lease will it have any effect on my credit score? B/c if it doesn’t IM GONE! Its driving me craazy!!

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