does anyone know of banks that will still give a loan to people with low credit scores?

Were relocating to New Mexico and the rental rates are high…. we have 10,000 for a down payment and my husbands projected pay will be double what is now(about 50-60k)… our scores are low since he filed chapter 13 but is now discharged and we had some issues with his ex wife using a power of atterney to gain credit and destroying it… any tips on how to boost the scores quickly would be helpful as well
thanx in advance
Since he would be using his VA certificate they only need 2yrs in the same job field continuous… a 45k in the army is the same as a mechanic in the civilian world… he already signed the offer letter in which he will make a minimal of 50k annually. providing banks with a verifiable income.
chapter 13 bankruptcy isnt as bad as a chapter 7… brokers have said we could have gotten a loan under the bk providing he got a letter from his bk trustee to take on more debt… also the houses weve seen are on the low end like a decent 3 bdrm home for 79k… meaning our 10k is more then 10 percent

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