Does anyone know of a mortgage loan that would allow someone to fix up a propery and add student loans to it?

I am looking at buying a house. It is a foreclosed property that needs some work due to water damage. I would like to pull out a mortgage and be able to have money to repair the house. I would like to also be able to put my student loans on the mortgage.

The total amount of money that I would need for the house, the repairs and the student loans would still be less than 20% of the value of the repaired house.

Does anyone know of a program out there that would allow me to do this?
Reason I would like to put my loans on the mortgage is becuase my dad owns a corporation and I didn’t get student loans that many other people do. I had to get personal “student” loans. They are currently at 8.75%.

The dwelling is acually a town home and the exterior is insured by the association. I would have to get a condo/renters policy to cover the inside and my personal belongings. I would only plan on living there for 5 or so years so when I sell the property my student loans and all would be paid off.

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