Does anyone know a lender who does IRRRL VA loans, which do not require a minimum credit rating?

Our other than the original mortgage. We have received orders and has been our home for less than two years. House prices have fallen dramatically (we have a state of FL), sales have not really an option. We have a few late payments are made redundant for me almost a year. We have trouble finding someone to have to refinance the loan to get lower fees, so that we can compete with the lease and get home before moving on to someone else we are forced to close.
I’m just curious. I have been in the mortgage business for 22 years. My company has only 5 people, we do conventional, FHA and VA loans. We have never been in the business sub-prime, and would have probably made a fortune if we had. But we saw it coming and did not want to be part of it (I’m so happy). My question is, are you afraid to try to get a loan to buy a house, refinance, buy a car immediately. Our phone rang at all this week.

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