Does anyone have experience in the home loan through FHA iberiabank?

Husband and I have a request from VA home loan at the beginning of April. We have received verbal pre-approval and was told to find a home. We found one, I ask and they said, no news is good news, and it takes about a month to close. Well … we expected, there was no news. Then there is the end of April (almost a month), they told us was not sufficient residual income based on the VA guidelines. Now we try to FHA. We were told that the estimate of the LO have waited over a week. Today, it has been said that the assessment should be here today and surrendered to the insurer in the process. We had already obtained an extension sellers. Does anyone have experience with mortgage Iberiabank?
My parents are veterans and they are currently getting a house. They went for a real estate company that represented the old generation (you’ll see how it plays later, I’m not ageist …) Anyway, we’ve seen with this agent, and we got one the beautiful house. We loved it and wanted to offer a home was part of the bidding process because the others were a bit of it. Since my parents are veterans, they have sought and obtained the VA to approve a loan (which includes a 100% mortgage, instead of things like the FHA, which requires less than 3%). So we do not put anything behind the house. We talked to the agent, and he said it was ridiculous was the best percentage by 3% FHA. 0% is unheard of. This agent is incorrect, the VA loan at 0%, the agent thought it was a scam, no doubt. VA One representative said that this could happen because the older generation, it was not too common then. But we loved the house went under contract, we lost. This agent has made us lose the house (we have tried to do, but the officer stopped us and my mother was forced to put 10% down and then tried to pressure my father. My father said that we are already in the bank). I was so angry when I heard that, because it’s his fault! We lost the house we liked, because the officer said: “It’s hard to imagine, if you put something.” “There is no such thing as 0% down.” “You have to write here, and to less than 3% [which is $ 13,000 from his pocket].” These are the FHA guidelines The question I would ask is:. My parents can change everything for another place to go, and agents and to obtain more reliable officer, agent, or do they stay? (Staying with an agent, we saw the opportunity to provide more homes with the agent. If we change agent, we lose the opportunity to attend one of the houses and assisted in starting from scratch.) thank you for your opinion.

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