Does anyone have an FHA mortgage to obtain within 6 months? How strict are the requirements?

My husband and I are applying for an FHA mortgage interest soon. We fear that we are not enough, because my husband just finished his college education and not 2 years of history full time income. Otherwise, see our profile groß.1. Our credit score is approximately 7202nd Our outstanding debt consists primarily of student loans with low interest loans and small cars, we intend to pay within the next Monaten.3. My husband has a steady job as a software engineer and currently provides a base salary of $ 50,000 per year. Job performance over the last 3 months on the job market has in his head, “exemplary”, it will more than likely get a raise during annual evaluations in February. The demand for software engineers should grow considerably retirement of baby boomers now because nowhere to go for it, but auf.4. We are determined that our maximum loan amount shall not exceed $ 125,000. Our ideal loan would be approximately $ 100,000. We intend to remain at home for 10 to 20 Jahren.5. We live in Huntsville, Alabama, an area with a strong economy and low Wohnkosten.6. We have enough savings for a deposit of 5% to decken.Die only factors that prevent us from a traditional mortgage, the lack of employment history and small Anzahlung.Wenn someone got a mortgage at work or has experience of these loans please give me your comments.

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