Does anyone have advice DIY free credit repair?

Here is my story: I am 24 years old and I made some mistakes ridiculously credit, since I was 18 (my husband and I). We got married in high school, had a child and he joined the army. He made a lot more money than we have ever had and we had everything we were rich with unlimited income. After about two years, we have started the impact when we needed a new car and we could only with a participation rate of 21% was observed .. few missed payments charge offs are here now are my credit scores: Experian: 523Equifax: 523Transunion: 544Ich’ve scoured the internet and found many scams and consolidation sites that have high% to repay debt over long periods . I also saw bulletin boards to repair credit yourself, but not register numbers to call, write some letters or something. My husband is in the military and we both good jobs today and most of our current accounts are “Country as agreed.” On the other hand, accounts for a long time, written off, or in collections linger for a long time and the only credit card I have is a secured card with a limit of $ 600 (that I always do) have closed their doors. My report says my revolving credit line is low. I do not know how to fight against it and get everything in order so that we can finally get out of his parents place and kaufen.Hat someone at home in this situation? How and what did you do to fix your situation? How long does it take? Many details will helfen.Vielen Thanks in advance.

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