Does anyone agree that banks and mortgage companies have provided loans for people the wrong way?

My suggestions on the loans are that they should not rely so much on a credit report.
Many people pay their rent or house payment before any other bill. The problem was these people were getting all their closing cost paid and no down payment fees. Now it would be hard for me to qualify these people. I would rather they had at least 5,000 to pay down. At least this shows people who can save or handle money. Loans to me are all messed up.

What would your suggestions be????
Who wants to lose 5,000 of their own hard earned money??

The mortgage is about 5 years old on a house I part own in Colorado. I’ve been trying to get off the title and mortgage but my ex-fiance seems to blow me off each time. I don’t care about the money I just want out he can have the house. I’ve told him several times but I guess he does not qualify for an assumption. Now what? I’ve told him over and over again I don’t want to take this to court….but it may be my only option. My credit is getting hit hard because he pays the mortgage late, a lot. I can’t afford the house after a career change. He’s been paying by himself for years. I told him I want to sell it or just get me off the mortgage. Quick Claim will get me off the Title but not off the mortgage! The mortgage is what is affecting me credit score. It’s a fairly new ranch style home in golf course community big corner lot….it will sell if he’d let it. Please help no one seems to have any answers! I’ve more then paid for my mistake of going in on a house and being naive!
Thank you for everyones suggestions. I’m very stressed about this. I’m the co he is the primary. Also he has been late paying the mortgage twice (in a row recently)by 30 days. I found out by my credit report… he never informed me he was having problems coming up with the mortgage. I would have paid if I would have known to keep my credit at good standing. Also it’s a 30 year.

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