does a car title loan show on credit report when getting a mortgage?

so the wife and i are in a bad spot, she just went back to work after having a baby and we only have 1 car, ive been driving the motorcycle (its not worth enough to sell) to and from work, but her job hours have changed, so we need a second car, asap. i dont want to go buy some junker for $ 1000 because im afraid that it wont be safe or might brake down when we have the baby with us. i asked, and the mortgage broker said to stay in our price range for a house i cant take out a loan or finance a car. we are in the position to buy a good car, for about 1/2 the book value (a friends grandma just passed) and im thinking of getting a title loan to cover what i would need to get. i know the interest is terrible, but we need a vehicle now, so i need to know, aslong as the loan is paid back on time in full will this show up on my credit in any way shape or form? (by the way i have good credit, but to get into the house we want and get the state funding through the program im in i had to pay my debt down to zero)

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